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Golfing Equipment

A Guide To Buying Golf Equipment Online
By Jack G Gordon

Are you aware that there are over 60 million golfers playing the sport around the world, and that a high percentage of these are purchasing their golf equipment online?
This is why you will find so many golf stores on the Internet, selling everything from golf clubs and shoes, to training DVD's. Golf probably supports the most diverse range of products of any sport!


Bamboo Sunglasses that Floats

Golf Courses

Challenging Golf Courses Around The World
By Harry Pearce

Not all golfers travel the world seeking outstanding natural beauty, courses that hug cliffs or traverse deserts. Some golfers pursue the passion of the sport, the incredible complexity and definition behind every single tee and putt. Some architects and designers have relegated the beauty of a course to the backburner, in pursuit of developing the most difficult courses; built to challenge even the veteran swingers.


Lowering Your Scores

Top 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Golf Score by 5 Shots Next Round
By Greg Hanson

"Oh I shot an 85 but it could have easily been a 75!"... How many times have we said something to that effect to our buddies right after our round- Too many. It's extremely easy to leave shots out on the course, but with a little mental fortitude, you can just as easily NOT make those simple bone-headed mistakes that add up over the course of a complete round. Here's the top 10 simple ways to lower your score by 5 strokes.